The owner(s) and operations manager(s) of approved and properly registered operations are emailed a welcome letter that contains one or more single-use CERCS Invitation Codes (CICs) that may be used to create new user accounts. In general, only the owner and the manager of operations are issued CICs.  If the owner and the operation’s manager are the same individual, then only one CIC is issued.

Note:  Ordinary security measures have been implemented to protect the CERCS system against unauthorized user account creation and access.   For instance, a new user account can only be created with a valid CIC.   Moreover, CICs are not guessable, they are emailed only to approved owners and managers, they are valid only for 72 hours after being generated, and they are single-use keys, meaning they are internally invalidated after one use.   And since each CIC is internally matched to an approved email address of an owner or manager, it is virtually impossible for an unknown third party to use an improperly obtained CIC to successfully register a CERCS account.

Individual CERCS user accounts may be registered in any of the CERCS apps, however most new users will find it convenient to register their account within the CERCS CharTrac app (  One CIC to create their individual CERCS user account. If an owner or manager is linked to more than one operation, then they must choose a current working operation each time they log into CERCS. User accounts can be configured for a default operation.

Updated on 2023-03-13