An individual, organization, or business enterprise (IOBE) owner (or representative) of one or more charcoal-producing woodgas operations involving RoCC kilns, FabStoves, or Champion Stoves may apply for access to CERCS at

Note:  The configuration of CERCS CharTrac data acquisition forms, the procedures for operations and QC/QA (quality control and assurance), and the data analyses/reporting are all quite different depending on the type of operation (kiln or cookstove).  As a result, mixed-type operations are handled by CERCS as two, unique operations.

The CERCS application collects the following information:

  1. The name, address, and contact information of the IOBE (individual, organization, or business enterprise) that either owns or represents the operation (type cookstove or type kiln). This is the owner of the operation’s data and credits.
  2. The name, type, short description, and location of the operation.
  3. The name and contact information of the operation’s manager.
All submitted applications are reviewed by one or more members of the CERCS team. This may involve additional correspondence between the team and the applicant.
Updated on 2023-03-13