Welcome to the CERCS™ (pronounced, serx) framework and ecosystem of applications and products!

CERCS™ (cercs.io) is a comprehensive framework and growing ecosystem of applications and products for implementing the MRV (measurement, reporting, and validation) requirements, procedural integrity, and quality assurance measures of woodgas operations that produce biochar and sequester carbon.   It also features an innovative registry of carbon credits/offsets and carbon removal units, all of which can be optionally linked to marketable, non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

CERCS™ is the result of joint efforts by it co-owners and co-developers, Paul S. Anderson, PhD (Woodgas International) and James S. Schoner (Bitmaxim Laboratories).

Our mission and products are focused on quality, usability, extensibility, scalability, and continuous improvement.

Updated on 2023-03-13