Sr. Software Engineer and Web3 Developer James S. Schoner, Director of Bitmaxim Laboratories in Champaign, Illinois, is responsible for the design, development, and documentation of the CERCS™ Web 3.0 app ecosystem and the CERCS™ CharTrac progressive web app.

Microgasification and biochar expert, Paul S. Anderson, PhD, provided significant early support for CERCS™ CharTrac, and he serves today as the key advisor for modeling the contours of carbon reduction and removal projects and programs that utilize CERCS™ apps.  His international efforts with carbon reduction and biochar projects in multiple countries around the world provide Bitmaxim Laboratories important access and early CERCS™ adopter opportunities.

The CERCS™ Web 3.0 app ecosystem by Bitmaxim Laboratories aims to be a modern, configurable framework that supports the data collection, verification, tokenization, registration, transfer, and marketing needs of individuals and organizations involved in the fight against climate change.   Although we have launched these efforts with limited staffing and funding, we continually welcome inquiries from potential donors, investors, volunteers, and client project partners.  If you would like to support or join our efforts, please reach out to us using the contact form on this page.  Thank you.

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