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Credible carbon emission reduction and carbon removal credits must be tied to verifiable data and documentation of successful CO2e emission reduction (ER) and removal (CDR) actions.   Capturing verifiable data and documentation from these actions is the challenge that inspired the development of CERCS™ CharTrac.


The new CERCS™ non-fungible token (NFT) is scheduled to be deployed in the Fall of 2023 on the climate-friendly Algorand Blockchain.

All of the CERCS™ apps are designed and built by Bitmaxim Laboratories in Champaign, Illinois.  Security with end-to-end encryption is a cornerstone design principle in the CERCS app ecosystem.

Woodgas International

The CERCS™ development team at Bitmaxim Laboratories is proud to be collaborating with Woodgas International and Paul S. Anderson, PhD.